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    Bill Farra

    Call:  (360) 944-3291  or  

    I have worked with Dick Hannah for three years. In my spare time I enjoy hiking, rafting, biking in the Northwest and spending time with my family. I also enjoy being a homeowner and working in my yard. My goal is to create an environment where the customer is treated with courtesy and timely efficiency.

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    Stephanie Meadows

    Call:  (360) 944-3291  or  

    I was born and raised in Longview, WA and graduated from R.A. Long high school. The day after I graduated from Washington State University I worked in Alaska as a production supervisor and a longline halibut fisherman in the Aleutian chain and SE Alaska. I returned home to get married, work the family restaurants and help with the family logging business all while having a blast raising two boys. I enjoy horses, boats, cooking, reading, music and fine dining.

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    Josh Gutierrez

    Call:  (360) 944-3291  or  

    I grew up in a small town in Eastern Washington - then moved to Pullman to pursue my degree in Music Composition. I’ve worked in different facets of the manufacturing industry and very recently, moved to Vancouver WA and have had the pleasure to work for the Chrysler Dealership. On my off time, I enjoy checking-out by playing different musical instruments and while also pursuing my passion in photography. I’m currently married with 3 children.

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