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  • Stephanie was very helpful throughout my sales process. She trucked me around town and got me coffee while searching for the right vehicle. On top of that she helped me with all stages of the purchasing process and had endless patience for all of my questions. It would be great if all car purchases went this easily. Great used car shopping experience!
  • Josh Gutierrez was the sales person that helped me and he seriously rocked! He was so patient and very helpful. I left a happy with my Renegade, and I have become increasingly happier since the purchase!
  • I had an extremely great experience! the customer service made me feel like family! Josh Gutierrez was always patience and helpful, always informative and always made sure that everything was we wanted! coming to Dick Hannah Chrysler has always made my husband and i feel like family and important every time we have bought a vehicle from them!
  • Everything went well, was financed right on the spot. There was no bull, they got me in the vehicle I wanted, for a price that I could afford. I would recommend Ron Lewis and these sales Associates to other parties in the future.
  • Finally met a salesman, Ron Lewis that you could believe the first time around. Was a real pleasure doing business with this dealership. I even enjoyed the financing portion of the deal as the gentleman was quite witty. THANKS!
  • "My husband and I were looking for a used mini van and Jim Davella helped us right away. He answered all of our questions and though we didn’t make a purchase we will be back to buy from him only. We have purchased several vehicles from Dick Hannah over the years, but working with Jim was our most pleasant experience."
  • When I arrived at the dealership I wasn’t sure of what I wanted. Jim Came up and helped me. He was very patient, knowledgeable and friendly. He spent a lot of time helping me pick out the perfect Jeep. I would recommend Jim and the crew @ Dick Hannah Jeep for anyone looking for a new Jeep!
  • I have nothing but good things to say about Dick Hannah Chrysler! I have never had such an amazing car buying experience! I will be a return customer for sure, and will recommend this dealership to everyone I know who is looking for a car. Everyone I have worked with was knowledgeable, friendly, not pushy, treated me with respect and understanding, and went way above and beyond to make something work for me that I was comfortable with, for the car that I wanted. Also, I would like to recommend that anyone who goes in requests to work with Ted Meyer or James. My fiance spoke with James before we went to the dealership. When we got there James was not available, but intoroduced us to Ted who sealed the deal. James has remembered us by name when we have gone back in to drop off paperwork, even though he only worked with us for a few minutes. Ted is a wonderful, kind person to work with. He did everything he could to work with us, and was super friendly through out the entire process. He even calls once a week (sometimes more) to see how things are going with my new car and to make sure I don’t have any questions. When I have questions he finds the answer right away. He is truly an amazing sales person! Dick Hannah Chrysler took very good care of us. The finance team also worked very hard to get us a great deal, and we are very appreciative of them and their hard work and dedication, and the respect they gave us. We couldn’t be happier!

  • Buying a car is always difficult, but the guys here at Dick Hannah Chrysler helped me, and they were very friendly and helpful. I want to thank Kieth Black for his assistance.

  • Bill Farra was incredibly helpful and friendly, I would absolutely buy another car from him. He was patient with me and made the entire process as painless as possible. “
  • Wow. My mom bought a Charger and after driving it, I had to have one myself. Amazing car and Jim Davella over there @ Dick Hannah Dodge did a great job. I’d recommend him and them to anyone. Vroom.
  • We just bought our 7th car in 15 years from Dick Hannah and we really appreciate all they have done for us. They are always friendly, fair and have a good product. The sales team tries to get the best possible price and/or terms for your purchase. Buying a car is a very big purchase item and we have always felt very comfortable with Dick Hannah’s staff and management. If there is a problem, they will always try their best to make it right. We would highly recommend any Dick Hannah dealership to anyone.
  • I purchased a 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee From Dick Hannah Jeep in Vancouver, Wa ... I have purchased many other new cars from different dealerships and I have to say this one of the most pleasant car purchases I have made. When I had to change the payment due date on my new contract, they even sent someone out to my house to resign papers when they found out I was ill and couldn’t come into the dealership!!
  • Three and a half months ago, after getting stuck in the snow, I began experiencing front end noise in my 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee that has about 62000 miles on it. I took it to several local shops that could not figure out the problem even after having it in their shops for more than a month!. Although Dick Hannah is a 4.5 hour drive from where I live, I decided to take it to them since I was happy with my last two buying experiences with them. I called on a monday morning, got an appointment the same day, took it in, and was treated to a very pleasant experience. I found them to be extremely professional. They know how to not only properly repair a vehicle, but they are also professionals in customer service. I would highly reccommend Dick Hannah to anyone for purchasing or repairing your vehicle!
  • I brought my daughter’s car in for a key fob coding (hate that you can’t do it yourself.... kind of a rip off) and it was relativly painless except for having to pay so much but the service was fast and the repair team was nice. If it had to be done, which it did ’cause the car won’t start without it, then I am glad it didn’t take forever and it was with no appointment. Kudos for Dick Hanna Dodge.
  • We had our service for our Dodge Calliber done at Dick Hannah, you know how some companies talk above your head about the car or they will tell you one price but then you get the bill and its a lot more. Not only did they stick with their prices, they checked out things I was worried about, and didnt charge me! Stacie was so wonderful. She didn’t act like she didn’t have time to talk to me, she answered all my questions I had. The greatest thing about Stacie was she never said "I dont know" she knew all the answers to my questions. She never talked down to me cuz I’m a chick.( i get that a lot from men in the car buisness) I was very happy with their service and their customer service, I recommend the service dept in Dick Hannah-Chrysler Jeep to everyone!
  • Took the car in for standard oil change and 42000 mile service. Told them I had a low tire pressure light on the other day. They reminded me that I had the tires for life program and ordered tires for my car and said I would only have to pay for wheel alignment. That was good news and the car was done sooner than they said!
  • Bill Farra was extremely helpful! Recommended. Bill Farra sold me my new Patriot this last weekend. He was really entertaining and also spent a lot of time going over all the different points of interest in the car. He was patient and helpful throughout the whole buying process and has earned my absolute confidence. I will definitely be buying my next car from him as well.
  • After reading other reviews, I decided I wouldn’t take a chance on one of the Portland dealers to do my routine maintenance and a recall on my Dodge Caravan, plus there wasn’t a dealership right close to me. So I gave a call to the Dick Hannah service department grudgingly, since I wasn’t looking forward to having to get to Vancouver and back from SE Portland. From the moment I scheduled my appointment, to arriving, being greeted, shuttled to the MAX stop and returning to my fixed and bathed car, everything was done right. They sent me confirmation emails, they called when my vehicle was finished, and they communicated well all the way around. It also turned out that my van didn’t need one of the maintenance items, so they took that off the list and saved me $50. To get back to pick up my rig it took me just an hour to ride my bike from SE Portland over the 205 bridge and along some nice bike lanes in Vancouver to get back to the dealership. It was a great way to get in a workout since I would have had to kill an hour traveling my MAX back there anyway. I had dropped off the van at 8 am and it was finished two hours earlier than expected, so I was able to pick it up before the afternoon traffic started. It was nice to see a business that really seems to get the value of customer service. I’ll be scheduling my future service there
  • I bought my Pacifica here a year ago and have been having it serviced here also. I did have a problem at one time with my tires, but my service manager Brad was so helpful that it made the problem workable. Brad is wonderful to work with and I hope he is there whenever I need service. The waiting area is very comfortable, the shuttle is great when needed, and the staff is polite and helpful. I have found the pricing to be comparable or lower than other places. I highly recommend Dick Hannah Chrysler service department.
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